Music Theory Tips

1, Don’t obscure the meter when notating music

2, Transposing Instruments

3, Labelling Chord Inversions

4, Labelling Scale Degrees

5, Learning Key Signatures

6, Five Tips for Recognising Written Intervals

7, Completing a Melody for an Exam or Test

8, Suspensions

9, Completing a Figured Bass Extract for an Exam or Test

10, Non-Harmony Notes

11, Completing a Four-part Chorale for an Exam or Test

12, Don’t Neglect your Ear training

13, 7 Tips to Avoid Consecutive Fifths, Octaves and Unisons

14, Renaissance Text-setting Rules

15, Score Layouts

16, Labelling Diminished 7th Chords

17, 12 Tips for Transcribing Music

18, 10 Tips for Melodic Dictation

19, Harmonic Sequence Paradigms

20, Pivot-chord Modulation using Borrowed and Altered Chords

21, Ascending Suspension Chains

22, Suspension Analysis