Theory of Jazz

Tritone Substitutions

Forming Seventh chords from harmonised Major and Minor scales

Using the position of seventh chords in harmonised scales to determine Scalic and/or Modal options for Improvisation

II – V – I Progressions

Secondary dominant and Diminished chords

Coltrane Changes/Three Tonic System

Superimposition of Arpeggios when Soloing

Voice-leading Paradigms in Jazz

Chord Synonyms and how to Label them

Superimposing Minor Pentatonic Scales over different Chord-types

Using Chord-shapes over Dominant 7th Chords

Developing Long-range Lines

Modes: An Introduction


Constant Structure Progressions

Embellishing Blues Progressions – ‘Goodbye Pork Pie Hat’, Charles Mingus

Common-Note Progressions

Chord-shapes with Root Notes on the Guitar’s D, G, B and High E Strings